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woman working at home from table with children.

Top Tips for Working From Home

Working from home sounds like a chance for a break but the reality is most people find it harder to motivate themselves to do the work they normally do in the office in their own homes.  There are often too many distractions such as household chores that need to be done, family members/housemates trying to get your attention and beloved pets that don’t understand you have work to do and you didn’t stay home to play with them!

Due to Covid-19, a lot of people are finding themselves working from home for the very first time this week but we, at Accounting-Pro often WFH so we have comprised our Top Tips to share with you to ensure you can be just as productive at home as you would be in the office.

Top Tip Number 1: Get up at the same time you normally would

While it is tempting to have a lie-in when your daily commute is much shorter, it’s still a good idea to get up early and have your breakfast at the usual time.

Top Tip Number 2: Don’t Stay in your Pyjamas!

Have a shower and put on clothes as if you were going to your usual workplace. If you stay in your pyjamas, your body stays in ‘sleepy-mode’. Putting on work attire will sub-consciously put you in ‘work-mode’. This will boost your productivity.

Top Tip Number 3: Go for a brisk walk before you start work

Get out and get some fresh air and exercise (unless you have been told to self-isolate).  This will release endorphins (the happy hormones), and the fresh air will wake you up and get you feeling active and ready to start the day.

Top Tip Number 4: Have a designated Work Space.

While it is tempting to chill on the couch with the laptop resting on your belly, studies have shown people are more productive when they sit up straight at a desk.

Top Tip Number 5: Remove distractions from your Home Office

Don’t try to work in the room where there is a pile of washing looking at you or where children/pets are going to pester you for attention. Make sure these are dealt with before you commence work.

Top Tip Number 6: Set yourself goals/Comprise a to-do list.

Each morning, set out a list of things you need to do that day. Tick off each task as you complete them. This will help you keep focused and when you see all the tasks are ticked off at the end of the day, you will feel a sense of achievement.

Top Tip Number 7:  Take Regular Breaks.

It is sometimes easy to forget to take breaks when working from home because there is nobody there to remind you it’s lunchtime. Setting an alarm to go off when you normally get your lunch will help you stick to your routine. Be sure to take short breaks i.e. get up from the computer for 5 min every hour- this helps to avoid eye strain/headaches from prolonged screen time.

Top Tip Number 8: Eat Proper Meals

While it is tempting to just pick at crisps and biscuits all day when you are at home and there’s nobody watching, these things are not going to fuel your body or mind to work to effectively. Have 3 balanced meals a day and healthy snacks (bananas are great for boosting your mood and fish is great for brain function and concentration).

Top Tip Number 9: Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential for people to function. Keeping hydrated will keep you healthy and help your brain to function which will, in turn, boost your productivity. Avoid too much caffeine as this can increase your stress levels and weaken your immune system.

Top Tip Number 10: Make time for Human Interaction

Working from home can be isolating which is bad for our mental health. During your break, make sure you have some to chat to i.e. video call or over the phone.