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Director Umbrella compliance – An Update

Director Umbrella compliance – An Update As the previous article ‘Director Umbrella Solutions’ has mentioned, people who join Director Umbrella Structures as individual contractors are highly popular in the local Irish market. This structure gives self-employed people a quick and easy way to start their contracting experience as well...

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The future of Umbrella Companies

The future of Umbrella Companies An umbrella company employs direct contractors or agency contractors who work on temporary contract assignments, usually through a recruitment agency. This form of company is strongly associated with the UK where it has become increasingly popular since IR35 came into effect. They first became...

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The Umbrella’s Point Of View

Running an Umbrella is a very rewarding experience. Providing a compliant and easy to use/understand service to Irish based contractors allows for a lot of job satisfaction and personal reward. Having been contractors ourselves we know that contractors want as little fuss as possible and want to have surety...

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