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Payroll Guide

Payroll Guide

Payroll is an essential feature in any and all companies. Payroll refers to the process of calculating and issuing payments to employees. This Includes both predominate activity of distributing payments into an employees account and all the work to back this up such as payslips, tax filing, tax withholding and handling paycheck deductions. This may include health insurance, pension and savings outside of the mandatory tax deductions.

Payroll is often the largest expense for a business as it usually takes a large portion if income to compensate all tour employees salaries. This can also include overtime, sick days and holiday pay. It is important to have this done correctly both for the business and the companies employees. The business requires a well run payroll to ensure there is no un necessary addition costs to the company. Employees require this to be done well to receive all the compensation they deserve. 

If payroll isn’t done correctly it can effect staff morale as they will be frustrated at a late payment or too many deductions from their salary. For this reason it can be beneficial to consider outsourcing your payroll solutions to experts. That’s where Accounting Pro come in.

Accounting Pro is Ireland’s premier contractor accounting service.  We are here to help the busy contractor and company, with all your accounting and payroll needs. We are both an umbrella company and umbrella corporation and we can create your limited company. We are experts in contractor pensions, contractor health insurance, illness and sick benefit for the self employed and contractor expenses. To learn more about what we do please review  and contact us by email: or phone us 01 592 1802. For the UK see Accounting-Pro UK. “Payroll Guide” is an article written by Accounting-Pro Ireland for the benefit of everyone. Feel free to share it but please give attribution on a CC BY-SA license.

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