Accounting Pro

Kevin Deasy

Many people will know the name Kevin Deasy, a name synonymous with his position of CEO of Accounting Pro, an international contractor accounting, outsourced payroll and trade finance provider company leveraging off advanced IT platforms and analytics, but we have delved a little deeper to find out a bit more about the man himself.

After Studying Business and Japanese, at the University of Limerick Kevin, gained knowledge of economics and then completed a course in personnel management. However, this didn’t give Kevin what he wanted, so he moved to London to work in investment banking, something he admits might not be for everyone.

Kevin’s career within various funding services led him to have roles across London, Frankfurt, and Ireland with prestigious companies such as Deutsche Bank and Barclays Capital.

After many years of travel and adding to his experience across the world of banking and IT, working to understand the challenges contractors were facing and what solutions were needed, Kevin, led by the Deasy Family Entrepreneurial Spirit started to focus on his lifelong dream of running his own business and so Accounting Pro launched in November 2016.

Now in 2022, Accounting Pro, under the leadership of Kevin and his experienced team, provide multi-award-winning services to the contracting sector, as well as limited company accounting and incorporation services. He also provides consulting services to IT and FS companies.

The entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t end with Kevin. Barbara Kevin’s partner of 10 years and mother of their two young daughters Penny and Hannah, runs her own business providing beauty services to the people of Limerick and is also embarking on her growth journey into luxury beauty packages this year.

To catch up with Kevin and find out more about him or how he can help you email him at