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An Entrepeneurial mentality that works in a poor economy

Having personally weathered the 2008 downturn and worked through the dotcom bubble implosion a number of years earlier I thought I might give my personal perspective on where we are at with the current downturn we are facing. What are the important points that I reflect on while we are going through this?

Make yourself comfortable with the situation even when it is bad

Instead of focusing on the negative, think of the downturn as a chance to learn and grow. It’s a time to come together to survive. People show their true colours during hardship. The best diamonds are forged under the greatest pressure! It might be a chance to see who you can really rely on i.e. employees, vendors etc.

Be realistic

Accept that things are bad. And they will get worse before they get better. But you need to remember things WILL get better, eventually. Just keep driving through and onwards and you will get the result you need.

Your mentality and attitude can determine everything

’Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right´ – Henry Ford The first step in succeeding at anything is to believe in yourself and what you can do. If you don’t believe something can happen, then it won’t. Think PMA – Positive Mental Attitude!

Always recell why you started an enterprise and how far you’ve gone on your journey

Think back to when you started your enterprise and look how far you’ve made it. Focus on what you have done rather all the obstacles ahead.

You are not a cyborg, just a person

We are all human, we are all prone to human emotions taking over and clouding our  reasoning. In difficult times, it is natural for worry and anxiety to take over, making even the most productive employees getting distracted and losing their edge. Be patient with yourself and those around you. And, remember this won’t last forever. Better times await. This too shall pass.