Why Use The Ltd Company Option

This is a perfect option if you:

  • If you want to contract long term (at least a year and preferably a few years)
  • Earn approximately €350 or more per day
  • Want to have your own LTD (which can be beneficial if you have a lot of expenses to write off)
  • If you want to employ and executive pension and reduce your tax bill significantly using it

We will set you up with your own personal limited company. You will be the sole director and shareholder of the company. Our incorporation service includes the registration of all relevant taxes such as Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT.

You will need to open a separate business bank account for your company. We can help put you in touch with banks that offer free banking periods.

You will be responsible for invoicing your agency / client on a monthly or weekly basis as set out in your contract. You will submit this to us each month and we will tell you how much is available for you to take from the business and what needs to be retained to pay your tax liability.

We will prepare your company’s PAYE submissions, VAT returns and company accounts which will be sent to you for approval.