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What do you need to set up a company in Ireland?

COMPANY NAME– must be unique and clearly distinguishable from all other Irish Registered Companies. The use of certain words such as ‘bank’, ‘insurance’, and ‘group’ require special permission.
TYPE OF COMPANY-This would usually be a Limited Company. A limited company limits the liability undertaken by the shareholders of the company.
CONSTITUTION– The Constitution allows LTD’s to trade in any legal business they desire. However, your Irish company will still need to select a ‘NACE’ code prior to incorporation. Don’t worry about this – all we need is for you to outline to us the precise activities of your company and we can do the rest.
REGISTERED OFFICE– The Registered Office is the official address of your company and must be located in the Republic of Ireland.
DIRECTORS– A Private Limited Company may have one director if desired, but in this case, must appoint a separate Company Secretary.
COMPANY SECRETARY– An Irish Company must have a Company Secretary who is responsible for ensuring that statutory obligations are met with, such as maintaining the books of the company, and ensuring Annual Returns are filed on time. The company secretary can be one of the Directors, a separate individual or a Corporate Entity.
AUTHORISED & ISSUED SHARE CAPITAL– The Authorised (Nominal) Share Capital of the company is the amount of shares a company can call upon if required.
SHAREHOLDERS– The Shareholders are the owners of the company.

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