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The List of Essential Services at Level 5

In an effort to stop the spread of the virus, the Irish government imposed the Level 5 restriction to all social and economic activities, but some essential services are allowed to remain open. Below is the list of essential services under Level 5:


Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing, animal welfare and related services

  • farming and animal production
  • fishing for commercial purposes
  • forestry
  • veterinary



  • food and beverage
  • animal feeds
  • work-wear apparel, personal protective equipment or footwear
  • wood pulp, paper and paperboard
  • printing of newspapers and other resources for the media
  • coke and petroleum products distillation
  • alumina refining
  • pharmaceutical products
  • electronic equipment (including medical appliances)


Supply, repair and installation of machinery and equipment

  • mechanically propelled vehicles
  • industrial machinery and equipment
  • repair of bicycles


Electricity, gas, water, sewage and waste management


Construction and development (close from 6pm)

  • social housing projects
  • critical transport and infrastructure construction
  • essential health and related projects


Wholesale and retail trade

  • sale of food, beverages, fuel, medical products and appliances, critical health and animal care items


Transport, storage and communications

  • land, sea and air transport
  • warehousing and support activities


Accommodation and food services

  • Guests traveling in hotel for non-social, leisure, cultural or tourist purpose
  • F&B service for delivery


Information and communications

  • newspapers, journals and periodicals
  • television and radio programmes, broadcast
  • data centre services


Financial and legal activities

  • financial, insurance and banking services (including post office and credit union services)
  • accounting, audit services
  • legal services


Professional, scientific and technical activities

  • Technology, engineering and research tasks
  • scientific research and development services
  • regulation, inspection and certification services


Rental and leasing activities

  • property letting and management services
  • rental or leasing of mechanically propelled vehicles


Administrative and support activities

  • payroll services, human resources services
  • data processing, website hosting and related activities
  • funeral, burial services
  • business support services
  • essential health and safety training


Public administration, emergency services and defence

  • Garda Síochána, Defence Forces
  • public order, rescue and emergency services
  • prison services and child detention services
  • social protection benefits
  • regulatory processes and certification services
  • chaplaincy services


Human health and social work activities 

  • Hospital, therapy, dental services



  • School teaching, SNA support are being provided.
  • The resumption of the Early Childhood programme is delayed until 1 February.
  • Higher education remains primarily online.


Voluntary and Charitable programs

Diplomatic missions and consular affairs




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