SME Guide

Accounting Pro provides general accounting, payroll, invoicing and taxation advice to Start-ups and SMEs. Just like software as a service we offer accountancy as a service and facilitate outsourcing of finance related tasks for your company. It’s a pay as you go, low cost, high quality, and personal service – everything the busy SME and Startup needs from an accounting provider. Our unique selling point is we provide a personal, quality and compliant service with a lot of add-on services. By working with your company we will make sure you get the best service possible. Simply put we are offering ‘Accounting as a service’ to the national market.

Why do Start-ups & SMEs outsource to Accounting Pro?

Because our teams of highly talented accountants have already demonstrated their expertise and experience in modern technology, communications, security, and naturally accounting. It’s also easier and more cost effective to hire our specialized consultants than it is to create entirely new teams to address these complex functions within a new or small corporation. Accounting Pro, as an already existing entity, can accomplish project goals more quickly and efficiently.

In the process, we are more likely to expose previously accepted norms in the system, that have been causing lower productivity & revenue. Accounting Pro can shake things up in a positive, creative way, by offering valuable, unorthodox thinking. Moreover, our team members are bonded into a cohort of experts who support and collaborate with each other’s requests, reducing petty personnel disputes, job stress, burnout, and turnover rates that can result in lower productivity.

Many companies hate doing accounting and finance activities. They see it as a distraction from focusing on the development and marketing of their core products. Many them want to hand off their annoying, costly communications and accounting problems to an outsourced provider like accounting pro.

Outsourced Payroll

Dealing with payroll can be time consuming and expensive, especially now that all employers will be required to offer work place pensions. Our low cost solution takes all the administration offsite so that you don’t have to worry about it. We can reduce the costs of your payroll processing while also ensuring you keep up to date with employment law and pension requirements.

Invoice discounting services

Accounting Pro provides invoice discounting services to clients meeting certain conditions. This means we will work with clients on an adhoc basis to forward finance them based on the future revenue stream associated with their outstanding invoices.