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Setting up a company in Ireland

Setting up a company in Ireland

In the event that you are an EEA or Swiss resident you can work in Ireland either as an employee or an independently employed individual. In the event that you are an EEA and Swiss nationals, authorization isn\’t needed to set up a business in Ireland and you don’t need a visa to visit, travel to, live or work in Ireland is required. To set up in Ireland the proprietor must have at least €50,000 subject to the program they are joining.

The Immigrant Investor Program gives non-EEA investors and their close family the opportunity to enter Ireland on multi-section visas and stay here for as long as 5 years with the chance of extension. The venture must be of value for Ireland, Irish employment and in the interest if the public. The finances must be legitimately gained and possessed, not borrowed, by the financier. Financial specialists must be of good character and should not have any previous for criminal offenses.

The Start-up Entrepreneur Program (STEP) permits a non-EEA nationals with a creative business proposal to come and set up a business in Ireland. The point of the Program is to help High Potential Start-Ups which are characterized as start-ups that may be:
• Introducing new or unique products or services to global business sectors
• Involved in assembling or globally exchanged services.
• Capable of setting up 10 positions in Ireland and making €1 million in sales inside three to four years of starting the business.
• Led by an accomplished supervisory crew
• Headquartered and controlled in Ireland
• 5 years old or less

A 12-month immigration permission is accessible for multinational public business people going to hatcheries or advancement bootcamps in Ireland to permit them to set up a STEP application. This year consent is accessible to non-EEA students also who graduate with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degrees in Ireland and wish to spend time setting up a STEP application.

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