Payroll Guide

Do you need a payroll service?

Any business that has employees will need to run payroll and submit regular returns to revenue. Unfortunately, penalties can apply per missed payroll deadlines and/or underpaid tax and PRSI will accrue interest. And now with PAYE modernisation in place it is even more critical you have a reliable payroll service.

This means it’s critical you have a competent payroll provider available to avoid penalties and to provide a simple process when paying your employees.

As an employer who employs staff it is very, very important you have a secure and effective payroll service.

What is covered by Accounting Pro’s payroll service?

We provide a complete payroll service and we provide a holistic and comprehensive service covering all aspects of payroll for our clients from inception to completion. We deal with everything and make sure you are compliant with Irish revenue.

Our service includes:

  • Production of payslips, either weekly, monthly etc.
  • Submission of your Payroll returns to Revenue
  • Correspond with employees about pay related queries.
  • Give employees assistance with registering their employment via Ros MyAccount
  • Give employees advice on the best usage of tax credits and their SRCOP.
  • Processing of sick pay, holiday pay etc
  • Issuance of payslips and/or all relevant forms
  • We will represent you with Revenue and ensure all queries are dealt with on your behalf

So, for a complete and secure payroll service don’t hesitate to make contact with Accounting Pro and we will take care of everything for you.