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Covid-19 has impacted our lives, the economy and society. Many businesses have been adversely affected by the pandemic and are currently struggling to maintain and progress their business. Considering the EU forecast that Ireland\’s GDP will contract by 8% in 2020 many companies will face considerable challenges over the next number of years.  College business students now find themselves bearing the brunt not only of the pandemic, but the impact of an Industry decimated by the pandemic, unable to support business students in their career, by providing work placement opportunities.

Proposed Resources

Outsourcing Pro, a sister company of Accounting Pro provides a range of marketing and research services to business customers. Outsourcing Pro is delighted to reach out to LIT business students and provide them with much needed work placement/Co-op experience. The company will work with students to develop innovative and exciting campaigns to help further develop much needed business for companies, many suffering as a result of COVID 19.  Outsourcing Pro will

  • Provide resources and expertise in marketing, research and finance.
  • Deliver worthwhile business opportunities for student work placement.

Within this proposed solution there are vast opportunities for students to gain work experience. With the huge range of courses LIT has on offer students are available for work in a range of other areas such as data entry or short projects, the options are endless.

Business Solution

The proposed solution is a unique external team who will work with organisations to develop marketing strategies to include social media marketing, brand development, enhancement and engagement, digital marketing and online and offline events.  A research function will also be available to test ideas, available funding and competitors. Business’ are currently struggling to identify the various financial supports that they can avail of from Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise boards. These applications are time consuming and the centre can assist companies in their quest for funding support.

A team consisting of expertise from Accounting Pro, and LIT business work placement interns will work alongside each business creating individual solutions tailored to each company, with full company knowledge and agreement. The centre can supply resources necessary for the business at a fraction of the cost. This will solve lack of resource issues, while energising the company with new ideas.

Outsourcing Pro Process