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Ensuring Contractor-Freelancer Compliance for your Company

Ensuring Contractor-Freelancer Compliance for your Company
Ensuring Ensuring Contractor-Freelancer Compliance for your Company is difficult. Increasingly, revenue are reviewing contractor umbrella services, underlying structures, and personal limited companies to ensure compliance. If this is not done it can have a negative impact on the company from a legal, reputational and revenue perspective.
From a structure point of view, it is important a compliant and straightforward structure is employed. The only 2 options are a PAYE Umbrella structure or a personal limited company. Director Umbrellas are not compliant from governance, GDPR etc perspective and a sole trader option may cause issues due to a lack of business insurance.

In order to ensure that the contractors that work via your Agency or company are tax and company compliant the following MUST be in place:

  1. Certificate of incorporation.
  2. VAT & Tax registration
  3. Proof of Business Bank Account
  4. Up to date tax clearance certificate

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