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Benefits of Outsourced Payroll Solution

Benefits of Outsourced Payroll Solution With a rising trend in outsourcing of company activity, outsourcing of payroll processes is increasing. In this article, we present the four major benefits below: 1. Time Efficiency Internal payroll processing can be time-consuming, as this process involves a great deal of attention...

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Outsourcing Pro

Outsourcing Pro Introduction Covid-19 has impacted our lives, the economy and society. Many businesses have been adversely affected by the pandemic and are currently struggling to maintain and progress their business. Considering the EU forecast that Ireland’s GDP will contract by 8% in 2020 many companies will face considerable...

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Accounting Pro is Here To Help

As we all know we’ve experienced a downturn due to the pandemic. However, this shouldn’t stop you from considering setting up as a contractor or small business as a Limited company entity. If you or your family are having problems in this most difficult of times and need some...

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UK Contractors Working in Ireland during Covid-19

Revenue have announced a relaxation of residency rules for Irish tax exiles. Normally, if an individual resides in Ireland for more than 183 days, they are liable to pay Irish taxes, but due to the extenuating circumstances of Covid-19, there will be temporary flexibility for people who are unable...

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Keeping your Premises Safe during Covid-19

During these strange times, many of us are having to avoid human contact by taking time off or work from home during this pandemic. This leaves our usual work place unoccupied for weeks, even months. This can be the perfect opportunity for burglars or vandals to enter the premises...

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