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PAYE Modernisation in 2019

PAYE Modernisation in 2019 On the 1st of January 2019, the modernization of the PAYE system will take effect. A real-time reporting (RTR) payroll system will be put in place, enabling the Revenue agency to ensure that employees have received their correct tax credits and cut-off points, as well...

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Pension Guides

Pension Guides A very important consideration to save for your future and also to compliantly pay less tax is to utilize a pension type plan. There are 2 options available based on whether you use a PAYE Umbrella structure OR a Personal Limited company. They are as follows: PAYE...

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Tax saving options for Irish Contractors using PAYE Umbrella and Personal Limited companies

Tax saving options for Irish Contractors Being a contractor in the Irish market is challenging at the best of times – meeting client company’s requirements / demands as well as managing the relationship with the recruitment agency contractor’s work through, requires time, effort and diplomatic skills! Contractors also have...

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Contracting and Small Business

Contracting and Small Business A digital revolution caused by the advent of information technology (IT) has transformed the accounting community. Computers, smart phones, printers, and scanners are replacing green spread sheets, pencils, piles of disorganized papers, cardboard boxes, and filing cabinets full of useless data. Accounting Pro can assist...

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