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Advantages of setting up a company in Ireland

Advantages of setting up a company in Ireland

Ireland is a part of the European Union and the European Economic Area (the \”Euro Zone\”) which  gives members the opportunity for the exchange of services and items all through the EU, it also allows for other supports for organizations in the zone.

In Ireland a limited liability company gets low corporate tax rates and advantageous income. Ireland\’s Corporate Tax Rate of 12.5% is one of the lowest in the World. A 0% rate is also accessible, however subject to conditions and the advantage is limited to the total employers PRSI paid on staff wages. You may likewise meet all requirements for tax incentives for holding/headquarter organizations and benefit from the Network of Double Tax Treaties that cut tax charges.

Government Policies in Ireland favour investments from international organizations, including R&D activities through IDA Ireland, Shannon Development and Enterprise Ireland.  Ireland positions quiet high annually in comparisons for nations that are good to set up a business.

The Irish are known all through the world to be profoundly advanced in technology and service jobs and offer organizations here a highly skilled workforce to choose from.

There are numerous grants available for foreign companies such as

  • IDA RD&I Grant- support the development of new products, processes or services
  • IDA Training Grant- Training grants are available to companies who want to expand capability and upskill their existing employees.
  • IDA employment/ Capital grants- These valuable grants are designed to incentivise employment creation in Ireland –or for the expansion of new activity.

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