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Accounting Pro Ireland & Gardenia Tech – An insight into our new partnership

Accounting Pro Ireland & Gardenia Tech

An insight into our new partnership


What does Gardenia Tech do?

Gardenia Tech uses its proprietary System of Intelligence (platform, software, and machine learning algorithms) to provide working capital management and trade finance. They take data feeds from companies’ internal systems (ERPs, TMSs, CRMs), and load it onto their data analytics platform. They then make suggestions as to opportunities to save money, while at the same time making intelligent decisions on funding accounts receivables for the counter parties that they deal with.

Gardenia can also fund Accounts Payable, paying invoices on behalf of a company, so they can benefit from early payment terms. These analytics activities free up cash within the company, and the funding activities reduces the need for traditional bank credit, by increasing the liquidity in the company


How will this help Accounting Pro Customers?

Accounting Pro have formed a partnership with Gardenia Tech. Our client market has a real need for the services that Gardenia Tech provide. This service will help them to free up cash and reduce their reliance on credit. Accounting Pro is always happy to provide our clients with the help they need to run their business effectively.


What are the benefits?

Beneficial to clients who need quick and reliable financing solutions

Provides a quick cashflow boost to companies short on working capital

Cost-effective and can be an excellent strategic resource in financial planning, as the advanced analytics provide excellent insights for companies by using machine learning to analyse their data



We are excited to be partnering with Gardenia Tech and are looking forward to facilitating our clients using this service going forward! To learn more, contact us at or phone us on 01 582 5405