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Tax relief for looking after the elderly

Tax relief for looking after the elderly Everyone gets older and at some stage of life it may not be possible to live independently. In that situation many people will look to enter a nursing home. These can be excellent environments where the client can maintain a happy and...

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The Umbrella’s Point Of View

Running an Umbrella is a very rewarding experience. Providing a compliant and easy to use/understand service to Irish based contractors allows for a lot of job satisfaction and personal reward. Having been contractors ourselves we know that contractors want as little fuss as possible and want to have surety...

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The Contractor’s Point of View

Contracting is becoming ever more popular in Ireland. More people, particularly in technical roles, are foregoing the security of a permanent role and embracing the excitement and change of pace that taking a contractors role can bring. But why are people moving from a position of relative safety to...

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